Current Projects: September 2019


Infant and Maternal Health Programs

Get in on the ground level and help us secure the funds to hire our medical staff and rent our building so we can begin our prenatal and postpartum classes soon!  The sooner we provide the women of Duchity with access to health care and education, the sooner we can begin to change the story of infant and maternal mortality for the community!

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Community Garden


Give what you can and let us multiply it through our community garden program!  Every $15 dollars given has the potential to yield $50!  Talk about a return on investment.  All of this while providing full time work for several farmers!

In an effort to make our donor funds reach farther we have begun a community garden project.  The profit from our first harvest will go towards the purchase of seed packets for distribution to local secondary students as promised to previous donors.  However moving forward we will use the profits from this garden to offset the expenses of our infant and maternal health programs.


Join a Team and Make a Difference


Our next team of volunteers will be going to Duchity in the Summer 2019! We will depart for Duchity on Friday July 19th and return to the US on Sunday July 28th.

Cost to team members is $850 plus air fare. This fee includes all in country transportation, food, staff to prepare our meals, translators, materials for projects, accommodations in Port-Au-Prince the night before our return, and a day at the beach!

If you are interested in joining us in Duchity in 2019 but would need help raising the money we would be happy to speak with you about various way to raise the funds just shoot us an e-mail or give us a call!

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