Current Projects

Infant and Maternal Health Programs

In 2018 we are so excited to make the transition from our hurricane relief efforts towards our long term organizational goals.  Haiti has the highest infant, and maternal mortality rates in the western hemisphere.  One of the main reasons for this is the lack of access to medical care, and lack of education.  Duchity in particular has no hospital.  This means that when a woman discovers she is pregnant unless she has the means to pay for a private doctor, or to travel to the city of Les Cayes 45 minutes away she will receive no medical care throughout the entirety of her pregnancy.  Then when it is time to deliver she will most likely do it at home on a dirt floor with the assistance of family members, or a traditional birthing attendant which has no professional medical training.  

We want to rewrite this story by providing once a month clinics with a licensed Doctor, and weekly support groups with registered nurses.  Each week the nurses will run a prenatal class to educate and inform the women of Duchity about the best way to take care of their body and support the healthy growth of their baby.  When a woman signs up to attend the Prenatal classes she will also receive prenatal vitamins, and a safe birthing kit complete with a sterile razor to cut the umbilical cord, sterile drop clothes and gloves, as well as an outfit for the new born, and a reusable diaper and pads for the mother.  At the postpartum classes women will receive assistance with breast feeding, emotional support for the transition into motherhood, and access to formula if the nurses access that it is in the best interest of the baby.  

We are so excited to see the changes that these simple yet critical programs will bring to the community!

Community Garden

Our community garden is a unique way to help make our programs more sustainable. By giving to this cause you allow us to create jobs for members of the community, and allow us to multiply your donation by growing and harvesting crops to offset the expenses associated with our other programs. A small donation of just $15 has the potential to raise $50-$100 based on growing conditions.

Seed Distribution

In an effort to aid the community as they continue down the long road of recovery from Hurricane Matthew we are shifting our focus from immediate crisis relief (i.e. distribution of food) onto more long term solutions which would empower the people we serve to help themselves.  When considering how to best move in this direction we decided to do seed distributions.  By providing families with seeds they are not only able to provide food for their families, but they will also be able to sell excess crops.  The cash these excess crops provide will allow families to meet their own personal needs whether they need to repair their home, have pressing medical issues, or need to pay for their children to attend school.  To learn more about this program or to give a donation visit our how you can help page or click on the link at the bottom of this page.